11 Fashion Tips for Men from Women

When it comes to dressing well and choosing pieces that flatter their bodies, women are the masters. Many people are conscious of staying on top of what’s new and trendy for each season. Fashion bloggers, womenswear designers, and fashion icons are all well-versed in fashion trends. They are also willing to share their knowledge with female fashion lovers. This style of knowledge should not be limited to your female counterparts. There are some tips that female fashion experts use that can be easily applied to men. These 11 fashion tips for women also work well for men.

White button-down shirts are a must-have.

A crisp white dress shirt is always in fashion. It will instantly dress up your jeans and make you look more polished. It looks great on everyone. It’s possible to update this look frequently, even though they have a very short shelf life.


This fashion cue is from Jackie O, the first lady and style icon, who had a wardrobe full of sheath gowns. Translation: She knew exactly what she liked and what flatters her figure. You can buy multiples of the same piece if you are confident that it flatters your body. You shouldn’t doubt something that works.

Embrace your stature

A majority of lifestyle magazines for women encourage women to embrace their bodies and shape. It would be best if you did the same for men. Find out your body type and choose the best fit for you.

Make a list of the things you want to purchase

To avoid spending too much on clothing, make a list. This will allow you to narrow down the pieces that match your existing wardrobe. It will make your life much easier to know which pieces match your family members.

Make sure your closet is tidy.

It would be best if you had your clothes to breathe. It should be possible to look through your closet without needing to go looking. This is also a great way to get the most wear out of your clothing. You’ll feel great about cleaning out your closet at least once per year and donating items that you don’t wear.

Have a look inside the garment

The lining of a garment is often a key indicator of the designer and a great way to assess its quality. InStyle says that a well-crafted liner is an indication of care. An investment in high-quality items will last a lifetime.

Be open to new trends.

Fashion experts and magazines for women stress the importance of being open to new trends. InStyle says that even if you know what you like and don’t think it would look good on your body, you won’t know until you try it.

Don’t buy a boring coat.

Outwear is important because it’s in the season and because it can be the most important thing you wear throughout the day. According to Jeanne Yang, co-designer at Holmes amp Yang, outerwear shouldn’t be an afterthought. “So many people see you only in your coat. If you don’t wear something great underneath your trench they won’t even notice.” In other words: Don’t skimp on your outerwear.

Fear not colour

Even if you don’t like colour, even a little bit of it can make your look more interesting and cohesive, suggests StyleBlazer.

Your tailor should be your friend.

When purchasing clothing staples, such as suits and pants, it is important to tailor them. Modifying clothes to fit your body is a great way to improve the quality of moderately priced clothing. Your tailor will know your body and preferences, so it is important to build a relationship with him.

As always, less is better.

Coco Chanel, the great Coco Chanel, advised women that they should do this every day: “Before leaving the house, take a look in the mirror. Take off one accessory.” It’s never okay to over-accessorize. This means that you should only wear one piece of jewellery, such as a watch.

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