Celebrities Share Their Rainy-Day Styles This Spring

You can now go to your piggy bank to get rainy-day outfits for the spring if you have spent in quarantine. Although you might think that sartorial inspiration is limited when it rains, Ariana GrandeJennifer Aniston and Dua Lipa are long known for their masterclasses in storm-ready attires. Celebrities still go out in the rain, even though they often accompany umbrella-wielding friends. We compiled 10 outfits that can be used to make it rainproof. These celeb looks are perfect for rainy days. Shop them below.

Sweatsuit + Scrunchies

Ariana Grande, the cloud emoji lover and singer of “Rain on Me”, is our first guest. The coziest queen was ahead of her time in her love for hoodies that you can swim in.

Tie-Dye + Sneakers

Make it look like Gigi Hadid the next time it rains; dress up as you remember. The model was a bright and colorful presence at Bella’s 23rd Birthday Party. This reinforced her love of maximalism through tie-dye and lots of gold chains. You can make shades look cool even when there is no sun by boosting the color.

Trucker Jacket + Leggings

Never underestimate the power of this tried and true combo. It is an elegant marriage of structured jeans and stretchy spandex. Lucy Hale’s blue-on-black look was completed with a delicate chain, dangly-gold earrings, and a dash doing the right thing (a.k.a. wearing a Mask. A boxy jacket in jeans will do the trick to add flair to your post-workout look.

Rain Boots + Trench Coat

Irina Shayk is a mom-of-one who doesn’t take any days off when it comes to style. Just look at her latest looks. Although the model isn’t afraid to wear statement outerwear, she kept it classic with an (almost) all-black look with luxury rainy-day accessories, courtesy of Burberry and Chanel. Shayk added an edge to her look with futuristic colors and a small handbag that looked almost like a dumpling. This confirms what we already knew: Basic Black Tights will never go out of style.

Blazer + High-Rise Jeans

Dua Lipa is an expert on reimagined workwear. This was evident in the lineup of purple and pink blazers she wore in “Break My Heart” and the sky-blue look she wore on a rainy day. The combat-and-moon boot hybrids and lived-in jeans provided additional protection against the rainy forecast.

Loafers + Utilitarian Dress

Bella Hadid dressed like a secret agent, so I dressed like a secret agent. It’s hard to imagine that the FBI agent inside our laptops looks anything like this. For me, it was the perfect knee-high socks and chunky Oxfords. Let us know how you like it.

Jeans with wide-legged legs + beret

Chloe Sevigny, the eternal cool girl and mom, is here to settle this matter: Millennials are capable of wearing the tentlike pants GenZ is ruled right now. Teens don’t have the right to make you throw away your skinny jeans. But at least try chunky shoes and giant denim. This could signify that you should spend more on a baby carrier and a fashion if you have a child.

Longline Coat + Longline Leather Pants

This is the Jennifer Aniston collection of cute rainy-day outfits. It is easy to use and makes you feel secure and comfortable. There’s no shame in sticking with the classics. Faux leather leggings and long wool coats are timeless favorites. Combat boots won’t let you down.

Puffer + Sweats

Kendall Jenner, the queen of street style and Scorpio, made another argument for the chocolate-brown trend. She reminded us that if you don’t have the luxury of staying warm in a duvet all day, a plush puffer jacket is the best option. Keep it up to the man. Wear sweats for as long as you can. And assure anyone who sees you that you are wearing pants.

Patent Leather Coat + Knee High Boots

Jennifer Lopez isn’t one to go unnoticed with her looks. She was quick to grab a pair of patent leather knee-high boots, a face mask and a set of bejeweled earrings when she had the chance. To complete the look, curl your hair like Jenny From The Block.


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