Beards are back, and it’s not hard to see. Black men now embrace facial hair, from the traditional goatee to a chin strap and even mutton chops. It’s not surprising that a beard can elevate your appearance, highlight your best features, and show off your personality. They are also very popular with women, from a simple, five-o’clock beard to a full, classic look. Check out these top black men’s beard styles.

Anchor Beard

An anchor is a beard with a pointed, mustache-style beard paired with a mustache. This combination gives the beard its name. After the Marvel character, the beard is also called the “Tony Stark” beard. The anchor beard needs to be groomed regularly to maintain its shape. Anchor’s beard looks great on the square, rectangular, and round faces.

Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi (19th-century Italian general), well-known for his combat prowess. It is a powerful, masculine look that combines a mustache and a full, rounded facial hair. James Harden, an NBA star, has a Garibaldi variation called the ducktail. This style involves slicing the beard to a point. Regular trims are necessary to maintain the Garibaldi look. Regular trims with your barber will encourage hair growth and reduce split ends. If left in place, this can make the beard look scraggly.

With Shape Up, Short Beard

The shape-up is an excellent choice when it comes to grooming your hair. This involves shaving your cheeks to create a straight line between your hairline and skin. Straight lines can make your face appear more angular. A curved line is unique and stands out. A shape-up can be combined with any facial hairstyle. LeBron James, NBA star, famously paired his angled shape with a full beard. However, a short beard looks the best.

Classic Beard

A full, classic beard is timeless. This timeless, versatile look is effortlessly masculine, and it’s easy to maintain. Black men love the full beard, which was popular in the 1970s. It can be adjusted to fit everyone’s needs. A barber can give your face a stronger jawline, balance it out, or shape the beard to make your face appear wider or more balanced. A classic beard looks great with many haircuts. This includes a full-shaved look, braids, locks or an Afro.


The goatee is a timeless favorite look for black men. It’s also one of the easiest to grow beards. You can also keep your facial hair shaved if they are prone to being too patchy. It suits all faces. People with round faces will love the goatee. It defines their chin and draws focus to the center of the face.

Short Beard

Short hair refers to a beard that is one to one-to-two inches in length. These styles are popular among black men due to their beauty and ease of maintenance. A short beard is best for men who can grow a uniform one. Suppose your beard is patchy; choose a beard or mustache. A short beard will not hide your facial features, so it is important to consult a barber about which areas should be cut. For example, rounder faces should have longer sides, while those with more angular faces may want to keep the hair longer in the middle.

Mutton Chops

Mutton chops is another retro style that’s back in fashion. These are great for men who want a bold, individual beard style. This look is defined by long, full sideburns angled at wide angles. Mutton chops are often associated with Old West men so that they can look like a costume. You can grow your chops into a full beard for a modern look and take regular trips to the barber. Mutton chops can give you a full, masculine appearance if maintained properly.

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