Easy and Simple Ways to Wear a Bucket Hat

Fashion is regressing to the fabulous 1980s. We are bowing to the fashionable bucket hats. You don’t have to look old-fashioned to wear a bucket cap. Rihanna and other mainstream fashion icons can help you! Even fishermen and women on the beach can rock the bucket hat!

This trendy accessory is your chance to grab it. This accessory will make you stand out in the fall and summer seasons. Scroll down for some great ideas on how to style your bucket hat. Let’s show it off, girl!

Simple and easy ways to wear a bucket hat

How to wear a bucket hat with curly hair

A bucket hat is not only for people with straight hair. A pastel-colored bucket cap looks great on curls. Here are some styling tips for styling your look.

  • Part your curls into three sections, at the back and sides. Add a bucket hat to finish it off.
  • Let your hair loose and style it with a tie, denim, and a dye bucket cap for a short-curled look. You can also braid a few strands and let the rest of your curls be natural.
  • Part your hair and create two low buns. Let a few loose strands in the front of your long curls bother you. You’re a hot trend!
  • How to Wear a Bucket Hat with Braids

A bucket hat with braids is always in fashion. The bucket hat can be used to enhance your look. You can braid your hair in two or more thin braids, fishtail braids, and multiple braids. Wear wide-legged pants with your favorite T-shirt. You can feel street-smart with those braids gathered in a bucket cap.

How to wear a bucket hat with long hair

The most flattering hair length is long. You can leave your hair natural, braid it, or put it in a messy bun. There’s no stopping you from making your bucket hat look great with long hair. Get your favorite printed or texture bucket hat, and you’re ready to rock and roll.


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