Fashion Advice: How to style traditional winter outfits

Winter is upon us, and it’s time to get rid of all your traditional clothing. Many people think it is difficult to look chic in Indian clothing. If you don’t ruin your look with a sweater, or a jacket that is a fashion disaster, your lehenga or crop top and skirt will freeze to death. It’s not necessary.

Winter is the season of weddings, functions, and festivals. We all want to look amazing, and the weather will not be a problem if we can dress our clothes correctly. These are the best winter traditional styling tips to make your outfits look amazing. You’ll look stunning in your Western winter attire if you do it right. You only need fashion styling advice.

These are some styling tips to help you look stunning in your Indian outfits this season.

1. A classic leather jacket or denim jacket can make the perfect jacket for keeping warm and protected from the cold while still wearing your traditional outfit. It’s safe to wear a chic leather jacket over your lehenga or saree. Don’t wear a sweater or trench coat!

2. A shawl can be a great replacement for your dupatta. Choose a pashmina scarf with a lovely print that matches your outfit. You should ensure that your shawl is well-woven. It can be worn around your neck, shoulders, or any other place you choose.

3. You don’t need a jacket or shawl if you want to wear a winter garment like silk or velvet. You might not need any other items to keep warm if your outfit is made from a warmer fabric.

4. You can also choose a jacket such as a traditional velvet jacket, Koti or a traditional velvet jacket if you don’t feel like wearing a western-style jacket. A heavily embroidered jacket can be paired with Indian clothing like Anarkalis or sarees.

5. It’s possible to experiment with your sarees by wearing a sweater in place of a blouse or adding a trench coat or jacket on top. If you feel too cold, you can wear a cropped sweater instead of your traditional choli.

6 Be careful about the style and design you choose. You should never wear a long jacket or shrug that clashes with your outfit. Your look should be perfectly streamlined.

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