Fashion Revolution Fashion Revolution Should Not Be Stopped

Fashion Revolution was created in April after the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a memorial to those who died and those who were harmed by this (preventable) industrial accident. The day I first saw reports of the building’s collapse on the news was a memory I will never forget.

As I watched with horror, I was a witness to the rescue of people from the rubble. There were so many people injured and grieving for the loss of their loved ones. It was so unfair and I felt anger at it all. It had been five years since I began ethical fashion advocacy. Fashion is often portrayed in glamorous and extravagant ways. When you actually see it, like I did when I visited those garment factories in, you will be able to understand it. This experience was one of many that led me to launch EWP to raise awareness and support fashion labels that are socially and environmentally responsible and don’t exploit people and the planet.

For Fashion Revolution this year, I made it a point of getting my partner Ben, my nephew Jackson (he is the guy with the full hair in the pic above) and Olly (bottom left) involved. They lost their jobs after the bars where they worked closed down due to pandemics. They came to the farm to be alone, to connect with nature, and to learn how to self-sufficiency, homesteading, and food growing skills. I spoke to them about Fashion Revolution’s history and the issues facing the footwear and apparel industries. I hope they will remember this information the next time they shop.

They are both very aware of my message and have already transferred their superannuation funds from Australian Ethical (the exact same super fund as me). Both are proud to be non-meat eaters. Jack started eating vegetarianism as a child, while Olly was vegetarian from childhood. Did you get a response from the brands that you tagged if you participated in Fashion Revolution by wearing your items upside down? Have you been able influence your family and friends to buy ethical fashion? Please leave a comment below to share your story (especially if it helps you get more information from fashion labels).

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