Five Essential Books For Newbies In Ethical Fashion

I was also once new. If you are anything like me, then you will feel confused, conflicted, and overwhelmed by information. It can be quite devastating to learn that the fashion industry is the biggest polluter in the world. Fashion is a beautiful and meaningful thing, and this can make it feel very depressing.

These books will help you feel empowered and not overwhelmed. These five books are the best places to start. Knowledge is power in this situation. This was the first book that I read when I started to explore ethical fashion. Clare Press is now a mentor and friend of mine (pinch me! She eloquently explains the history of fashion and how we got from “Sunday Best to Fast Fashion”. She gently but strongly urges you to ask “who made my clothes?” while also educating you about the current state in the fashion industry. Wardrobe Crisis is filled with brilliant anecdotes and helps you see the problem in everyday life. It leaves you feeling optimistic that we are all part of a fashion revolution.

Slow Fashion by Sofia Manney

Slow Fashion is a great place to start. This masterpiece is perfect for visual learners who prefer magazines to books. Sofia Manney brought together stories from creatives, entrepreneurs and designers to give you examples of GOOD fashion stories. Manney offers options for anyone, no matter what they do or how involved they are in fashion. You won’t be bored by the full-color photography and the gorgeous texture of this FSC certified book’s front cover will make you want to keep it next to your bed every night.

Eco Fashion by Sass brown

This book is on my list, and I will be completely honest about it. This book is at the top of my list because I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. Sass Brown’s book on ethical fashion is different. She discusses ecodesign and explores the idea that good design can be green. She reveals the great green designers and inspires readers to take action. Lucy Siegel understands how you feel right now: embarrassed by your overflowing closet, confused by the countless fashion facts, but desperate to make a difference. Siegle, a former fashionista and a reformer, was once in your exact position. Siegel takes you to Bangladeshi factories, tells stories about the horrible cotton industry, then launches into the social injustices of today’s fashion model. Siegel will help to find your why. Siegel will help you find your why.

Marieke Eyeshot: This is a Good Guide

This new guide fills a gap that was missing. This guide covers more than ethical fashion. It’s likely that you’ll soon (if not already) be thinking about beauty products, food, and the overall existence of this planet. Marieke Eyeshot’s book can help you get started on all these topics, as well as fashion. This guide provides concrete recommendations on how to navigate ethical fashion, which brands to shop and what habits to adopt. It also explains the basics of fast and slow fashion.

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