Five Fashion Mistakes Women Make

Bangles are an integral part of Indian culture and fashion. Many Indian women enjoy wearing bangles in vibrant colors that match their outfits. Many women also wear a pair of bangles with their wrist watches. This is one of fashion’s biggest mistakes. When you’re wearing bangles, it is better to not wear your watch at any time. Bangles and watches don’t go well together. Wear your watch on your wrist, and then your bangles. A fashion faux pas that many women make is to wear too many hair accessories. You don’t have to use rubber bands and hair claws as well as bobby pins and headbands simultaneously. You are mistaken if you believe that too many accessories will make your hair look great. You can look great with just one or two hair accessories. You can look elegant by letting your hair down and going without any hair accessories.

Sporting Heavy Make-up

It’s also an art to apply make-up. Applying heavy make-up can ruin all your efforts. For everyday makeup, you can use light eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick. If you are attending a special event such as weddings or birthday parties, you can use lip colors, blushes, shimmer, and eyeliner. Many women make mistakes when applying facial makeup. Many women end up applying too much make-up. Heavy make-up is not the answer. Look beautiful It is important to. When applying make-up, pay attention to only one area. Avoid using heavy lipstick colors if you desire prominent eye makeup. Apply mascara if you desire luscious lips.

Wearing obvious lip liner

The biggest fashion faux pas is to use a lip liner that is too bright and does not match your lipstick shade. You don’t want to ruin your look by using the wrong shade of lipstick and lip liner. Your lipstick shade should be one shade darker than the color of your lipliner. You can achieve perfectly kissable lips by blending the two using a lip brush. It is a fashion faux pas to wear heavy jewelry when you don’t have the occasion. Heavy chokers, necklaces and earrings are a common accessory for ethnic women. Heavy earrings are often worn by girls with t-shirts. Ear studs can add elegance to your formal look. You can still wear ethnic jewelry with designer pieces, but minimal jewelry is best. Avoid wasting your time with excessive jewelry. Your choice of color when dressing speaks volumes about you. Fashion sense. You are likely to make a mistake if you wear too many colors at once. You could look silly if you have too many contrast colors or too many matching shades. Fashion and colors They go hand in hand. To avoid becoming a fashion victim, it is important to understand the differences between hues and shades.

Too small for Clothes

Stop focusing on your size four body and begin shopping for dresses that fit the shape of your body. If you keep buying garments in excess of three sizes, you’ll look like a jar of rolls. You will feel slimmer and more comfortable if you buy garments that fit your body. It’s far better than trying to keep everything neat and tucked.

Fix it: Measurements across brands can be very different. You could be a size 4 at Gap and a size 10 at Free People. Don’t forget the number! It’s important to consider how it feels and looks. Is it a compliment to your best features? Is it covering your stomach or making it more obvious? You should not let shading or print limit your ability to see the best option for you body.

Shopping for Clothes too Large

The opposite end of the spectrum is buying clothes three sizes too big. Although this doesn’t conceal your pain points, it can make you look like a sackwoman. Snazzy is not the same as being a size 0. That implies that a few outlines won’t be as complimentary about you as Gigi Hadid. However, you are amazing and should love the body you have.

It’s possible to fix it. If you are having trouble buying things too large, try a smaller size. Let it absorb and then be open to showing off your best assets. To help you become more comfortable with the clothes that you wear, have a friend accompany you. While we don’t recommend buying a gauze gown, your jeans should fit around your waist. If you spend a lot of time pulling your jeans up, your jeans are too big. Please, no droopy bottoms.

Do not try before you buy

Don’t buy something online or as-is before you give it a try. While it may look amazing on the holder, it will not be as impressive on you. The main concern? You never know what you might find until you try. What is the special case? If you are familiar with a brand or store that suits your body type, you can put it on the line!

Fix it: This fight is a common occurrence in a pressed shopping mall at 3 p.m. You’re exhausted and need to stop shopping. You can return it, but you will need to take five more minutes.

Do not buy for your body type

While I love how cute it looks, 98% of people will find a jumpsuit with a dropped midsection look awful on them. Avoid getting caught up in trends and quick fashion. Remember that the main purpose of trends and fashion is to make you feel great. Choose outlines that complement your best highlights. No matter if you want to highlight a bit of your midsection or hide a problem spot, think about how the cut affects your body. Also, learn about shading and example. The color coral is great for almost all skin types. However, mustard can really clean some people out. This is true for large-scale prints. If the outline is too large, it can overwhelm even the most delicate of people.

It’s easy to fix: Dresses that highlight or snap your distinctive midriff are best for you. If you are a little heavier around the stomach but have great legs, a modest A-line dress should be worn that falls just a few inches above the knee. A few inches can make a big difference in how stylish or untidy you look. For example, if you are wearing a tunic and pants, it should not be longer than your mid-thigh. If you wear it longer than this, your body will feel smaller and you may not be able to choose between pants or dresses.

Cleaning and Care Instructions

We are so excited to buy another pair of shoes or dress, but then we forget how to properly care for and maintain these expensive items. Your storage space has been a laborious undertaking. Make sure you follow these important guidelines.

Fix it: While it is smart to ask store partners for names, here’s a quick rundown:

Utilize felt holders. Use felt holders.

Never machine dry your bras or delicates. The heat will change and ruin the flexible. Lay flat to dry, or hang your bra over a holder. If you allow your bra to swing from an entryway handle, it can cause the cups to expand and alter the fit. Iron sensitive textures only. Your new pullover can be damaged quickly by the heat of an iron. Instead of ironing wrinkles, steam them out and then let dry in the hot bathroom for a few seconds. Dry Clean Only is not to be overlooked. It’s not necessary to wash all items. However, it is important to know the difference between Dry Clean and Dry Clean Only. If the label says Dry Clean, you can still hand wash it and dry it. Be aware of the texture and fragility of your garment. Don’t put your shoes in the lower half of your closet! Keep your shoes in good condition to keep their shape and appearance.

Wear appropriate clothing for the occasion.

While you can incorporate your personal style into outfits for work and special events, it is important to remember that not following a dress code is considered a fashion violation and a slight disrespect for the environment. No matter if it’s a wedding of a friend or job interview, you need to be aware of the rules and how to dress. It is important to look around the room.

Look for timeless pieces.

If you try to search for items because they are in fashion, you will end up with a showroom full of trendy garments that you will never wear. You’ll be able to avoid the most egregious fashion trends if your closet is full of timeless pieces you love. Amazing outfits will become natural.

Fashion Tips to Improve Fashion Sense

  • Every woman dreams of looking beautiful. All she needs is clothing, accessories, and make-up. These are some tips to help you avoid making fashion faux pas. Don’t wear nails that are chipped. Learn How to apply nail polish Show off your beautiful nails
  • Wear clothes that match your skin tone.
  • Your wardrobe should be updated to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Mixing and matching is a smart way of going.
  • Choose the right handbag to suit your attire.

Fear not of making a fashion faux pas. Don’t let the fashion bug get you down. You will be able to avoid fashion faux pas and avoid miserable situations.


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