Beards remain a popular style, despite what your mom might think. A beard can enhance your masculinity and give you a more dramatic look. It’s not enough to forget to shave every six months. A good beard requires patience and a lot more than that. Maintaining well-trimmed facial hair is key to its success. The rate at which facial hair grows is different. This means that the longer it grows, the more likely it will look messy. You can keep your facial hair neat and trim. It will also help you shape your beard. Whether you want to grow a full-fledged Ned Kelly beard or just a Javier Bardem stubble, our tips for trimming and maintaining your facial hair will help you.

Beard Tools

Although you may be able to do the job with a pair of scissors, beard trimming is much easier when you have a few tools. An electric beard trimmer or clippers will make your life much easier, especially for those men who want to keep their beards shorter. A clipper can also be used to define your neckline. This is a sign that you have a well-kept mustache.

A good pair of scissors is essential if you look beyond the short, neat look and into hipster barista territory. You can use any scissors to cut hair, but you can also buy beard trimming scissors with more control. To prepare your hair for trimming, you will need a comb. Although there are specialized combs for this purpose, you can use a standard comb to do the job. A standard electric shaver or razor can help you define your beard’s edges. A razor can give you a better definition and leave you with neater edges.

How to trim a beard

You may not know what shape your beard should take if you start your beard journey. Your personality, style preferences, face shape, and even your boss can all influence the type of beard you grow. To help you decide what kind of facial hair is best for your face, take a look at our guide to men’s beard styles.

The three main aspects of trimming a beard are: shaping the beard with scissors and maintaining its length with clippers. Finally, define the edges with razors, electric shavers, or clippers.

How to trim a beard with scissors

You might want to shape your beard with scissors if it grows longer. While it might be tempting to leave the job to the barber, many men don’t do this as often as they should. To keep your beard looking its best, it is important to learn how to trim your hair with scissors.

  • First, wash your beard with some shampoo. It will be easier to work on a clean beard. You can then comb over it to see which areas are messy.
  • Remember that you shouldn’t trim your beard too quickly. Don’t let the scissors ruin your previous self. Take it slow, especially at the beginning. Begin at your chin and work your way down. Keep in mind that symmetry is important. If you trim one side, take the same amount from the other. Keep working your way upwards from the base of your sideburns.
  • When trimming a shorter hair with scissors, make sure to comb against the grain. You will work your way up the sides. Again, pay attention to symmetry. You will need to judge length with a scissor cut. The second pair of eyes may be helpful.

How to trim a beard with clippers

You have more control with clippers than scissors, and you can avoid the nightmare of accidentally cutting your beard. Modern electric beard trimmers have digital controls to choose the length you want.

  • Before you start your trim, comb your beard. Clippers, unlike scissors, allow you to define your facial lines and fade your neckline. To shave your cheeks first, you can use a razor or the shortest setting of your clippers to define your cheek line. This will help you to visualize the shape of your beard.
  • Next, determine the length of your beard’s longest section. Begin trimming your beard with the length guard comb or setting it around your jawline and chin. Next, work your way around to the sides of your face and cheeks. Most men will need a shorter guard or setting for proper weighting. Next, you can move on to your mustache.
  • Depending on how fast it grows, you may not have to trim your mustache. A neat mustache should not extend past your top lip. Please look at our guide for growing an epic mustache to get some ideas.


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