My Hair Extensions

Hello friends! Amazingly, I have been using hair extensions for just over three years! It’s been so long! I thought it was time to update my post about hair extensions.

You can check out my first blog post and video. As I mentioned in the video, I did extensive research and asked many questions before getting extensions. Extensions are an investment, so it is important to do your research before deciding. Although I knew about extensions, I didn’t know much about them. I wanted something that would be less damaging than tape-ins. I have fine hair, so I needed something that wouldn’t damage it and still allow my hair to grow.

My Extension Specialist

I visit Amanda, Julia Grace Salon in Madison, WI. Amanda has been doing hair since 1999. She has also been doing extensions for over 11 years. She has multiple pieces of training/certifications in hand-tied hair extensions, including NBR, KACEY WELCH, & SKW. She is constantly looking for the best products on the market. She enjoys customizing hair to meet the needs of each client.

These are the Hair Brands I Have Tried:

I have tried several hair brands and want to share my experiences.

Kacey Youlch Hair -This was the second brand I tried for hair extensions. These are intended to increase volume at the root, not the length. They were thin and didn’t add any volume to my hair. They felt so soft when touched. They held curls very well. They are also much more expensive than other brands I have tried. These are not worth the money. (The Kacey-Welch Method was the method Amanda used to do my first hairstyle – see that post, but she now uses an invisible beaded row method. My hair was cut, and the extensions were installed. It felt full and beautiful!

Bellami Pro – Now I have tried 2 different types of Bellami wefts. The Volume Wefts were my first attempt. We used the MOCHACHINO/CHESTNUT BLUE OMBRE color for the wavy hair. The color was great, but it was not worth the cost for the straight hair. The wave went away after one wash. This was the brand I used to get my first hair extensions in 2019. They seemed to be a bit easier to break than other hairs I have had. Their texture was different from mine. Although it was curly and wavier, it was easy to curl. I recommend getting hair with a similar texture as your natural hair if you have the option. They lasted for about a year, and I cut them every other appointment or move up. They were also given a darker color towards the end. These extensions were extremely affordable. She mixed the colors Caramel Ombre and Mocha Toffee Ombre. Overall, I think Bellami Professional hair is my favorite – the volume and hand tie are amazing. They’re also extremely affordable. It isn’t easy to choose which one I like best. They’re both great, but I think they need to be more practice with the hand-tied ones.

HAIR Maintenance/Move-Ups:

Maintenance and move-ups are a priority for me right now. My hair grows so fast postpartum, so I visit every 6-8 weeks to maintain and move up. This includes removing the extensions, touching my roots, and reinstalling them (moving them up).

Amanda has offered a discount to my followers on her extension package. $200 discount on her all-inclusive extension package. This includes extensions and custom cuts and colors to your hair. Because she wants to see her clients’ hair grow healthier, she also offers a hair treatment. Fill out the form on her Insta or go HERE to enter the code ” Keseli200 ” in the box at the bottom. You can also let her know that I sent you.

You can also save $30 on her color package if you aren’t interested in extensions. This includes any special technique or amount of colors required to achieve the desired result, a toner and a treatment for your hair.

My overall thoughts on hair extensions

It’s safe to say that these are my favorite hair products. I love the volume of my hair and how easy it is to curl my hair and go. Hair extensions are worth it, no matter how long or short your hair is.

Amanda is available to visit if you are in the Madison area. You can complete her form HERE, even if you are only interested in her color packages or extensions. The form is free, and you don’t have to pay anything. If you decide to proceed, you can do so after the consultation.

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