Print on Print Fashion – Style Tips to Wear Different Types of Prints

The fashion trend of mixing prints has become very popular recently. This gives you a fresh way of dressing up. It is often thought that mixing different fabric prints is difficult, but it is quite simple. It is not difficult if you know some key rules and helpful tips. Bright florals, geometric and tiger print blouses, tops, Trendy Tees, skirts and trousers are great choices for summer. Layering with dark, subtle or military prints is a great idea for winter and autumn.

The neutral and basic colors of fashion are best.

This means you can easily replace your solid color blouse with a piece with a soft print. Slowly, you’ll be able to experiment with print on print. You will also find a few neutrals that can be used with nearly everything, such as leopard prints and stripes. This helps bring together the look. You can also combine the same prints in different colors or tones.

You should not forget the basics colors mainly black, blue and beige that can be mixed with other prints. What does this mean? Black striped pants can be paired with a black jacket featuring a geometrical pattern. This is very simple, isn’t it?

Tips for dressing sensibly when you mismatch print sizes

Same print but in different sizes. Thin stripes look great with thick ones. It’s good to match at least one color from different prints. Graphic prints almost always match one another. You can mix and match florals with your outfits. Just make sure to choose larger, more prominent flowers. While combining prints from different categories is fine, you should not do so with more than two at once. This is messy and not what we want.

Take inspiration from the latest fashion trends.

Practice makes perfect. You should always check out magazines and fashion blogs for new ideas. Sometimes good prints match up by chance, so don’t be afraid to experiment with even more crazy combinations. If you are unsure or confused about how you have styled your prints, it is always a good idea to seek out a second opinion from a friend.

Fashion tips for getting started with prints

Styling tips for stripes

This is a versatile and popular pattern that both men and women can wear. Stripes have been a fashion staple since their appearance centuries ago. In the 20th Century, stripes were popularized again. They are sometimes associated with criminals, clowns, or prisoners in the West. There are many color combinations for this pattern. You can have stripes that are thick, thin or long. Both men and women can wear this basic pattern. It goes well with nearly everything.

Tips for styling animal prints

The leopard and tiger print dresses remain very popular and can still be found in every fashion collection. This pattern dates back to the time of the kings when it was considered a sign of wealth and status. It isn’t difficult to believe that it hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years. Wearing a tiger or leopard print is mainly about showing off. It’s interesting to note that US pop and rock singers loved this print in 1960 and 1980.

This pattern isn’t limited to tigers or leopards. There are also zebras and giraffes. Modern animal prints don’t necessarily mean you have to wear the skin of an animal. It’s a beautiful imitation of fur from certain animals. It looks great if the pattern is made from “natural” colors. Fashion experts suggest that you only wear one item of clothing with this print. Mixing prints can be difficult for beginners trying to combine animal patterns with other types. This trendy, unique print is worth trying if you want the spotlight.

Tips for styling floral patterns

Although many types of fabric prints are available in malls, this one is truly unique and universal. It is a well-loved and popular floral pattern. It’s beautiful, versatile, and comes in many colors. It isn’t easy to pinpoint the origin of this print. Experts believe it was imported from Asia, where flowers are integral to the culture. Many floral patterns were found in ancient fabrics from India, China, and Japan. Thanks to many traders and merchants, this print was first seen in the West in the 15th Century. Amazingly, Europe only began producing its textile with this print in the 18th Century.

Floral prints are becoming more trendy. They can be paired with other prints. Designers include floral print tunics, shirts and jackets in their latest collections every year. Although mixing this print with other prints might seem difficult, it’s not difficult if you adhere to simple rules. If the print contains checks and floral patterns, they won’t work well together. However, floral can be combined with any solid color and stripes, as they are subtler and more versatile.

Tips for styling a military pattern

Today’s military camouflage was developed in the middle of the 20th Century. It was popularized by the fashion industry in 1960 and is still very popular today. It is sometimes called “khaki”. It is a bit like animal print, but with fewer changes. This print is available in various colors and patterns that men and women can use. Women love green and brown khaki skirts and dresses. The military printed pantsArmy print jeans and jackets are all-time classics. Khaki looks great with solid colors and geometric patterns. It’s difficult to say that a military print is universally applicable and versatile.

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