Simple Ways to Look Fashionable Instantly

It’s not always about being trendy, wearing the latest trends, learning complicated styling tricks or buying the most expensive clothes. (Who has the money for this? It can’t be me. You can do it as simple as tucking your shirt and adding layers.

Even though this can be difficult to do, you might think, “Thanks, for the advice, I’ll never look like these street style stars.” And while that may sound cheesy, confidence is the key to fashion. It’s that simple!

You don’t have to wear a particular outfit if it feels out of your comfort zone. Just go about your day and dress up as if it were your everyday look.

Here are 14 easy ways to make your look trendy without doing too much.

Color coordinate!

Choose two to three colors as the base of your outfit (in this example, mint green and off white), then match that color with your accessories and clothing. Make sure you also use your makeup! No matter which scheme you choose, you’ll look polished and elegant.

Mix textures.

It’s easy to combine a variety of fabrics into one look: ribbed knits, snakeskin prints, suedes, silk, leather, etc. You can either go bold or keep them all the same color to make texture mixing more subtle.

Use color to your advantage.

You don’t need to know what colors go together if you want your ensemble personality. There are no rules. You can combine neons, neutrals and pastels to make your outfit stand out.

Matching sets are a good idea.

This is one of the chicest ways to look stylish. A coordinating two-piece is instantly fashionable, such as a pantsuit or skirt suit or knit set. You can then choose your shoes and accessories to match them.

A blazer and a graphic tee are a great combination.

The “high-low” look is achieved by pairing a luxe blazer with a graphic T-shirt and jeans. This effortless look can be worn casually or dressed up depending on where you are going.

Opt for monochrome.

Choose one color and get creative! You don’t necessarily have to match your hair, but you could. This makes dressing up for the day much easier, as it narrows down your options. You can also match your head to your feet without spending too much on your outfit.

Put your jacket on your shoulders.

Your jacket is not a jacket. It can be thought of like a cape that falls to your arms. It’s an easy way to dress up a jacket for transitional weather.

Layers, layers and more layers.

Layering is more important than one piece. So, go wild! Wear a coat over a dress and a shirt with mesh underneath. Think of yourself as a fashion onion. Bonus: This tip is great for winter when you don’t need to wrap up.

It would help if you changed your shoes.

You can choose to wear something different than what you normally would for footwear. Your high heels are now replaced by flat boots, your sneakers by high heels, and sandals by sneakers. It’s more true than it sounds. This one is a no-brainer.

You can play with proportions.

A bra top that has a large quilted jacket. A bulky top with cut-offs. Fashion is about mixing proportions and leaning towards contrast. You don’t just need to pair big and small shapes together, but soft and structured textures, tight and lose silhouettes and thick and lightweight materials.

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