Style: Ten basic style rules every woman should understand

Although fashion trends change, certain consistent style rules will never be broken. These are the 10 essential tips every woman should know.

1. Stick with your “look” until you are satisfied.

Although we love to experiment, you’ll find that many of the most fashionable women and men in the world stick with a few key looks. Your wardrobe should be built around the most comfortable look for you (jeans, shirt and jacket; nipped waist skirt and blouse; leggings; and oversized T-shirt).

2. Men’s clothing is also available

It’s amazing what you find in the men’s section, whether you’re looking for a great oversized pinstripe shirt or a cool T-shirt you can wear with a skirt. Do not let the label’s gender stop you from trying new things.

3. Don’t follow the trends, dress for your body.

Sometimes trends are so appealing that we find ourselves tempted to buy them. But sometimes, a piece doesn’t fit our style. It’s a common saying that trends fade, but style lasts forever. The most stylish people feel comfortable in their skin regardless of what their outfit is.

4. Invest in good underwear

Have you ever ventured out wearing a stunning outfit only to find that your bra is too tight? Your underwear will be perfect if it is well-fitted.

5. You can’t save your clothes

While there is a place and time for ball gowns, why not put your favourite pieces in a drawer, so you have an “occasion” to wear them? Make the occasion! These leather leggings look great under a casual sweater. The beautiful floral skirt, floor-length, will go well with a simple T-shirt and sandals for grocery shopping.

6. Accessory can make a look more interesting

Good accessories are a great way to channel a trend in chic and subtle ways. For example, the Grecian goddess look can be transformed by adding an arm cuff to a simple maxi and a chunky necklace in gold.

7. Your LBD is your best friend

We are often stuck for an outfit or unsure what to wear. Your best friend for last-minute outfit problems is the little black dress. It’s a classic, reliable look that can be worn repeatedly. You can also transform it with a few jewels and killer heels.

8. Find clothes that are right for you in the shop

Although it may seem silly, many people have bought a pair of jeans or a gown, hoping they will grow into them. It’s not worth spending money on clothes that you won’t be able to wear immediately or that require you to do a lot of work to fit into. You want flattering clothes, fit well and feel good in the present.

9. Look after your investment pieces

Wear your shoes high-heeled and bring your winter coat to the dry cleaners according to instructions. Keep those designer purses in the dust bags when not in use.

10. Spend a little bit now and again

Sometimes, you can’t beat the luxury of a pair of expensive shoes or the quality and style of a beautiful leather bag. Spend the money on expensive pieces that will last and be able to take you everywhere.

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