There are 8 ways to wear a scarf in winter.

In Ancient Egypt, Queen Nefertiti was the first to mention a scarf. She is said to have worn an embellished headpiece and a woven necktie. The first mention of a scarf was in Ancient Rome. These were made from linen to remove sweat from working men. Many countries used colored scarves throughout history to show rank in the military.

The scarf didn’t become fashionable until the 19th century. Silk scarves were a symbol of luxury during Queen Victoria’s reign in England (1837-1801). During the Fifties and Sixties, Brigitte Barrot, Faye Dunaway and Lauren Bacall adopted silk scarves as part of their iconic appeal. Grace Kelly even opted for hospital attire when she broke her arm in 1956. A more recent example is Lenny Kravitz’s blanket scarf that broke the internet.

Lauren Friedman is the author and illustrator of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf (Chronicle Books 2014). She recommends looking for unique scarves at vintage shops. She says, “Buying vintage scarfs is a great method to introduce unique patterns or colors.” It’s also easier to find scarves made of high-quality wool or pure silk materials in vintage shops.

Vogue talks to the expert about the various ways to wear scarves.

There are many ways to wear a scarf in winter.

How to wear a winter scarf

You may be wrong if you believe there is only one way to wear a winter scarf. Friedman says that long scarves can be useful when the look requires something heavier. It’s a great way to break up an outfit and draw the eye up or down.

The French knot

This is a classic knot that has a modern twist. Wrap the scarf around your neck by folding it in half. Pull the loop through the loop by taking the ends. Pull the upper half of the looped side over the lower. The second end should be placed through the loop.

The drape

This style is great to wear over a shirt or blazer.

Place your collar on your blazer. Wrap a scarf around your neck to the ends in the front. Adjust the scarf’s length by folding the sleeves of your blazer over the scarf.

The easy-breezy

The name is the key: a casual, relaxed style that exudes cool. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are the founders of The Row. They often finish their looks with a woolen blanket scarf during winter.

Wrap a large scarf around your neck. Spread the scarf across your shoulders. Turn one end of the scarf over the other shoulder.

The lazy girl

Friedman recommends that you start with the lazy girl if you are a novice at scarf making. Just loop a long, oblong scarf around your neck.

The headscarf

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, a fashion icon of the Fifties and Sixties, wore various styles over her signature coiffed hairstyle. Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a great example of serious style inspiration. Optional cat-eye sunglasses

To make a triangle, fold a small square scarf in half horizontally. The long folded edge of your scarf should be placed on your forehead near your hairline. You can then drape the rest of your scarf over your head. Securely place the corners under your chin.

The neck scarf

The neck scarf or neckerchief is another staple that evokes the Fifties, and Sixties glamour is the neck scarf or neckerchief. Follow Hepburn’s lead and wear an open-collared shirt with a neck scarf, or neckerchief, on Roman Holiday.

To make a triangle:

  1. Fold a small square scarf in half diagonally.
  2. Start at the small point and fold the scarf half diagonally to form a triangle.
  3. Fold the scarf five to seven centimeters more, then flip the scarf over until you have one flat piece.
  4. Secure the scarf around your neck by wrapping it around once or twice, depending on how large the scarf is.
  5. Style it by twisting.

The tie

This pattern is open to interpretation. The more vivid the colors, the better. There’s one rule: Keep the width small.

Wrap a long scarf around your neck. Let one end hang lower than the other. Wrap the long end of the scarf over the shorter end. Wrap the short end around the long end by bringing it forward. The long end should be pulled behind the shorter end. Next, pull the long end through the loop around the neck. The long end should be inserted through the knot.

The half-bow

This knot is a twist on the traditional tie. You can choose a larger piece.

Wrap an oblong scarf around your neck to the ends in the front. A loose knot should be made on the one side about halfway between your neck & the end. Pin the scarf’s other side in the middle to form a half-bow. Adjust the bow according to your needs.

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