These Are 5 Luxury Fashion Brands That Cater To Wealthy Youngsters

It’s worth noting that the rise in popularity of luxury children’s fashion houses is one of the most important fashion trends of 2010. No longer is expensive clothing for children considered a waste. “Children will outgrow it in a blinking of an eye,” would be the parents’ response. Parents of the social media generation are not able to see this. Each moment captured on Instagram is priceless. Every outfit that creates a sensation, the moment it makes our children “special”, is definitely worth it. This is enough for world-famous designers, who can bank on the children of wealthy parents. They would never hesitate to share the love of luxury clothing with their little customers. Prestige has compiled a list of luxury fashion companies that cater to the children’s market.

Fendi Kids

GThe Fendi children are playful, rebellious and fun. Fendi Kids were crafted primarily from the recurring design signatures/motifs from runway collections. They are full of bright, bold, and candy colours, logomania and sporty vibes. The forms are basic: peter pan collared dresses, bomber jackets and sports trousers. But the attitude is quite unique. Fendi children are not your average kids.

Paul Smith Junior

Paul Smith Junior’s fall/winter collection is inspired by a school trip to London. Prints feature familiar landmarks, galleries, and animals from the zoo. Paul Smith Dino, the brand’s iconic animal, returns in new colors. Interactive elements, such as a globe-trotting shirt, glow-in–the-dark, and 3D features, are also introduced. Paul Smith’s famous evening tailoring is available for the boys, with velvet fabrics and tuxedo styles giving them a feeling of luxury. Jackets are made from technical materials to keep rain out and warmth in.

Kenzo Kids

Kenzo Kids’ fall/winter collection puts the seventh art center stage. Cinema is alive in silhouettes that mix sporty and sophisticated elements. Weft, warp, and knit are the dominant components, while jersey and cotton fleece play the back role. Wild prints are created in the Jungle Book, and varsity jackets, dresses and cargo pants are adorned with flowers, dragons, and the colour explosion from Hayao Miyazaki’s animations.

Armani Junior

Emporia Armani Junior is back in school with fun, urban clothing and accessories to enhance the winter wardrobe. The classic and sportswear collections are divided into two sections. The first is inspired by the preppy style of Ivy League, with its elegant blazers and short skirts. The second features slim-fitted trousers in dark and vibrant colors. You can find the latest pieces in the sportswear collection, including oversized puffer coats or crisp trainers. This unique mix of sizes and shapes, with a constant contrast of bulky and slim elements, creates urban, modern looks.

Gucci Kids

Gucci transforms the children’s wardrobe into a magical land. It has the most loved children’s line, just as the womenswear and menswear collections, rich in vintage romance, heavy layering and flower gardens, and large logos. In fall-winter 2019, knitwear reigns supreme, as well as denim with floral print. Jogger pants and sweatshirts are adorned with the Gucci Flora print. Boys can also enjoy bomber jackets in GG and diamond designs, as well as heritage prints on jackets and coats with patch and crest badge.

Dolce And Gabbana Children

Dolce & Gabbana is the choice of bold children. The Dolce & Gabbana children’s collection is a favorite of fashion-conscious parents and well-off kids. It features a swing dress with vibrant floral prints, heritage jackets and coats, rich embroidery, brocades, and a burst of color.

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