Ways to create a wardrobe that is uniquely yours

What is your wardrobe saying about you? 

From the personalized nameplate necklace to the funky skirt you bought in Spain, does it reflect your personality? Is it just “I bought all of this stuff from Target?”

You can do many things to bring out more of yourself in your fashion sense if your wardrobe is more like this. It’s easy to do, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Create your brand.

Would someone recognize an outfit that you would wear every day if they saw it? Is the outfit “very personal”, or could it be someone else’s?

Marketing and business branding is essential. However, it’s equally important to be authentic in fashion. Strong brands are magnetizing — it’s hard not to pay attention. Your style should reflect that same magnetism.

How do you develop your brand? How to develop your brand? Even better, describe your personality.

Keep the list and compare your wardrobe to it. Donate them if they don’t match your brand. It’s not a good idea to wear something you don’t like.

Get things customized.

A tailor is a fashionista’s best friend. He can turn a wardrobe of clothes bought at discount stores into an amazing collection of custom-made pieces.

A tailor can fit your jeans to perfection, fix small rips in your clothes, hem your pants so that they match your favourite shoes, and much more. You should add a tailor to your contact list. (My tailor is my dry cleaner. They do an amazing job!

You can also have your clothes personalized by your tailor. You might find a great cardigan at H&M and want something different. Your tailor could swap out the buttons for some vintage buttons. This would be a very affordable way to create a unique sweater. You have many options, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Take a look in your grandmother’s or mother’s closet.

I love the idea of sharing a bit of your personal story through clothing. It’s a great way to start borrowing your grandmother or mom’s vintage clothes and accessories. You will find rare pieces that you won’t be able to buy anymore, as well as items that are part of your family.

If you have the opportunity to borrow something from your grandmother, mother, aunt, or great aunt’s closet, you should.

Accessories add character to your look.

Accessories are a great way to display little bits of your personality without appearing too costumey. Accessories can communicate so much about you and are often affordable so that you can buy lots.

Imagine, for example, that you are a Disney fan and don’t want to dress up like Cinderella every single day. You can instead accessorize your everyday look with a Danielle Nicole Disney purse. Or say you’re a Kubrick fan… Lolita sunglasses, anyone? A set of quote Pins would make a great gift for aspiring journalists. And, I don’t need to tell you about the wonders of band tees.

There are millions upon millions of options available. So what does your accessory choice say about you?

Choose your signature colours.

You can also use signature colours to make your look stand out.

Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods was always dressed in pink. On the other hand, Cruella Deville is known for her black and white outfits. Even influencers have their signature colours. Julia Engel is well-known for her pastels and pinks, while Alice Olivia has a reputation for her neutrals.

What are your signature colours?

To help you decide, you can start by determining what colours are best for you. Next, choose one or more of your favourite colours from the choices. Consider which colours make your heart sing and which resonate with you.

You can wear a combination of your favourite colours in your outfits, even if it is just one. You can mix and match your existing wardrobe with handbags, shoes and scarves made in these colours.

While you don’t need to wear your favourite colours every day of the week, it is important to do so often.

Rihanna is a constant inspiration to me in style. Photo: Pacific Coast News

Your inspirations are yours.

Take a look at the style of someone you admire and make it your own. I look up to Rihanna and Kate Lanphear as style icons.

People you admire tell a lot about who you are. By imitating their looks, you can show the world a bit about yourself. What are you looking to be aligned with?

Be true to yourself!

I keep repeating this, but it’s worth it: If you like it, don’t care about what others think!

We all love clothes and accessories, and this is called personal taste. You don’t have to dress the same way as everyone else. No matter if you are into neon fanny bags, high heels or hippie-chic head scarfs, don’t be afraid to wear them if they make you happy!

Dress to impress and embrace your uniqueness. The best tip for personal style is to be original.

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